We aim to be able to produce permanent solutions in our site, which we have created by supporting the forest resources we consume in every area of our lives. You can select your seedlings from the areas on the map where we have pre-afforested provinces and you can make your online Seedlings Certificate reach you by this way.

You can also contribute by following our event announcements and by learning how to make afforestation in which province.

If you want to give your loved ones a gift that will be remembered for many years and if you want to know your in Carbon Footprint hediye, you can look at the relevant sections on our website.

If you want to have a sewn tree;


For your debt to the nature of the seedlings;


As companies and individuals, we present gifts to each other from time to time for many reasons. Some of these gifts are short-lived (Flower, chocolate, …), and some of them consist of things that we do not need or that we set aside without using them (Agenda, pen, table, certificate, …).

However, gifts given by an environmentally conscious organization or person should also be environmentally friendly. Moreover, it should be a preferred situation that this gift contributes not only to the person to whom it is given, but also to the whole nature.

Birthday, greeting, opening, etc. of your staff/customers or loved ones. It is possible to make a small contribution to the world forest wealth by presenting the certificates of the saplings to be planted in our various afforestation areas in order to celebrate their special days with an environmentalist understanding and to keep their memory alive.

You can make your sapling donations online at dikiliagacimvar.com, or you can prepare your own certificate (according to the technical standards of the site) upon your request by registering on behalf of your company/institution, or you can use your own institution’s logo on the certificate you have prepared.

By using the corporate login, you can make your donations easier and faster. In this way, your addressee will be informed about your sapling donation by sending a message to the e-mail address and mobile phone of the person or institution you donate to.

If you wish, the certificate will be sent to the relevant address by our association by cargo.

If you want me to have a planted tree too; www.dikiliagacimvar.com/bagis-yap

Would you like to create a corporate or individual memory forest?
You can create a ‘Memorial Forest’ by donating 10,000 (ten thousand) saplings to the Institutional Memorial Forest and 2,000 (two thousand) saplings to the Personal Memorial Forest.

Under the conditions determined by the public institution to which your Memorial Forest is affiliated, a Memorial Forest Sign can be planted in the planting area.

Our association has been instrumental in bringing millions of saplings and seeds to the soil with donations from nature lovers since 2000 and continues to do so.

ÇEKUD is a non-governmental organization working in the public interest with the decision of the council of ministers. Donations made by companies to our association can be deducted from the tax base.

For detailed information and application, you can send an e-mail to info@dikiliagacimvar.com, contact 0 216 530 31 11, wa.me/902165303111