ÇEKUD, established in 1999 by Environmental Volunteers composed of various occupational groups, aims to raise environmental awareness, develop environmental ethics, and create an environmentally sensitive public opinion with works aimed at 8 billion people.

With the activities carried out, the emphasis is on correcting the wrong human behaviors underlying the environmental problems and the importance of the social environment in the protection of nature, feeding the people and nature, caring about the moral values, taking control of self-emotions, adopting a culture of saving and simple life, consisting of members of critical and analytical thinking structure. is aimed at a social environment.

ÇEKUD believes that due to global warming and drought, the ideal way to solve the environmental problems that are now in the interest of large masses is the forestation works which should be carried out with awareness raising.

ÇEKUD, which has pioneered the meeting of hundreds of thousands of saplings with the soil by organizing afforestation campaigns every year to regain our burning and destroyed forests in terms of concrete contribution to the livable environment, started by yok Great Works from Big Hands Yaş; With the Fidana mel projects from the seed, it allows students to cultivate their own seedlings.

It seeks to ensure the participation of the public, and in particular the students, to the public sector openings; the people living in the concrete buildings in the city center, a sapling they will plant in the soil with their own hands and his memories of a day in nature they will remain as a beautiful memory of the day.

ÇEKUD, which tries to instill environmental awareness with its environmental themed competitions every year, gives hundreds of awards to encourage environmental awareness.

Believing that misuse habits and wastage are the basis of environmental problems, ÇEKUD believes that over-consumption and wasteful habits begin at the meal, which is the most basic need of everyone, and the is No Table at Nowhere is campaign initiated by the public to draw the attention of the public continues its work.

ÇEKUD, which seeks to find solutions for environmental problems in the light of scientific data and spiritual values, also attaches importance to dissemination of clean information for the clean environment, announcing public announcements and announcements through press releases, thousands of visitors and followers have direct access to the public through their social media. contacting.

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A number of conferences, seminars, panels and symposiums under the headings are very interesting and remarkable.

With E-Waste projects across Turkey in the old, unused or targeted to collect non-working electronic waste free of charge ÇEKUD, primarily providing the e-waste recycling by schools aim to expand the community through seminars given by it to the students.

To introduce our natural heritage and to lead healthy life, ÇEKUD organizes trips to natural sites to see natural diversity and endemic species, natural wetlands to feel the beauty of spring and historical places to see our historical and cultural heritage.

ÇEKUD examines and investigates environmental problems and prepares public reports:

Turkey Grand National Assembly; The report on em Environmental issues and measures to be taken in relation to these problems esi to the Parliamentary Research Commission, which was established with the aim of 17 Determining the Precautions to be taken for Sustainable Environmental Policy by Investigating Environmental Problems in Our Country “,

The report prepared to the public on October 2010 and prepared as a result of an investigation visit, which was prepared for the purpose of finding solutions to the discussions on the agenda of the hydroelectric power plants, analyzing the problems on the spot, taking the opinions from the experts, listening to the public, public sector, private sector and civil society parties.

In 2011 Kütahya Eti Gümüş İşletmesi The investigation trip and the report prepared for the Kütahya Eti Gümüş İşletmesi in order to shed light on the realities behind the curtain about the dam accident,

Examples include the report titled ın Views of the Prevention of Bread Waste len presented to the Parliamentary Commission on Bread Waste Reduction in 2012.